We believe coffee should be fresher than your toddler

We also serve locally roasted coffee and baked goods. 

Rao's coffee acquires fairly traded beans grown in shaded and high altitude regions of South and Central America, Africa and Indonesia, and then freshly roasts them in Hadley, MA, before shipping directly to The Piazza for your coffee loving pleasure.  Rao's also sends us their cold brew, which is steeped for an amazing 48 hours.  Our cold brew is a favorite among grown ups who love the bold taste with 60% less acidity than traditional brews.

We have Henry's chocolate glazed donuts and freshly baked muffins every day on our cafe counter.  A local favorite!

If you're hungry for lunch or dinner, Dom's Pizza & Subs is right across the parking lot and will gladly deliver.  You are totally welcome to eat take out in our cafe!

For the kids, we have some prepackaged snacks featuring Annie's brands.

If you bring your own food or drink, please note: we are a"Nut Aware" facility...we kindly ask that you not bring in items containing peanuts or tree nuts.

*We do have a baby bottle warmer and a microwave if you need a meal reheated

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