Piazza noun,  pi·az·za  ["pyaht'-tza"]
An Italian word for "town square" - a central place to meet up, play, relax and be casually entertained

Charae Owner of Children's Piazza

My first career was in pediatrics as a nurse practitioner.  For over a decade, I encountered literally thousands of parents in pediatric settings before becoming one myself.  

To be honest, I could not believe how isolated, intimidated and bored I felt as a stay-at-home mom. 

Once my daughter started walking, I didn't feel comfortable taking her to the places I used to hang out (coffee shops, etc), and none of the "kid friendly" spaces seemed clean or inviting.

This ignited my passion to start something new.  I collaborated with a few talented friends to create a space that both supported early learning AND provided the connection and caffeine so many parents and caregivers crave. 

When you visit, I hope you'll sense how much hospitality means to us, because you matter, even with that baby food stuck to your shirt, we are always glad you came, and we recognize your job as the highest in the land.

If you need anything to make your job easier during a visit, please let us know!  It's our pleasure to serve you.


The Children's Piazza

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